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How to clean UPVC windows like a pro?

Did you choose UPVC windows over other metallic ones, but the dirty edges make you upset? Worry no more. Stay till the end! We’re here with a detailed guide that transforms the grimy layer into sparkling white and helps you clean the UPVC window like a pro!

What is a UPVC window?  

UPVC or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is a branch of polymers where the plastic in the polyvinyl chloride is removed. The removal of plastic from the chemical composition forms a rigid, environment-friendly material. This hard plastic material is further used in applying on windows, its hinges, and many more. 

An unplasticized material is an alternative for high-maintenance aluminium and timber windows as they’re prone to pollution, corrosion, and higher moisture content. A UPVC window, on the other hand, eliminates these drawbacks and comes off as low maintenance and easy-to-clean material, making it the first choice of the buyers. 

Cleaning a UPVC window 

closeup of someone cleaning a UPVC window with a damp cloth
A gloved hand cleans and washes the frame and handle of a white plastic UPVC window.

Cleaning a UPVC window is usually not a lengthy process, but good research on picking up suitable cleansing materials would be helpful. Usually, a soapy washing liquid solution and a sponge are enough.  

Apart from being soundproof, energy-efficient, and long-lasting, UPVC windows don’t require any complex procedures for cleaning. This guide will be enough to know how to clean a UPVC window on your premises. 

However, there are some points to be kept in mind before preparing to remove dust, abrasives, and dirt, which we will discuss further. 

How to clean off the dust from the UPVC window and frames? 

Windy or sunny day, the debris and dust always get stuck on the windowpane and frames. Have a look at how you can remove these particles without much ado using a typical soapy solution. 

  1. Clear out the dust particles from the panes using a soft and dry cloth or brush. You can also rinse the glass or frame with water to remove dirt. 
  2. Now use a sponge to wipe the glass with a soapy solution. This solution is made of washing or kitchen liquid, whatever is feasible and convenient for you. 
  3. Use tools like a squeegee to wash down the liquid instead of sharp or wired cleaning pads to avoid scratches on the glass and UPVC. 
  4. Rinse the window again with clean water for a smooth finish. 

You can use a vinegar solution mixed with water and a tiny amount of kitchen liquid for a sparkling shiny finish. It is also known as Windex.  

What should you avoid while cleaning your UPVC window frame? 

Even though it is effortless to clean a UPVC window and the cleansing materials are also readily available in any household premises, there are some materials that you should avoid to eliminate the possibility of damage to the window. 

  • Avoid using cream and abrasive cleaners 
  • Avoid using spirited solutions like a nail polish remover 
  • Avoid using wired or scouring pads used in the kitchen 
  • Avoid using bleach and caustic soda 

What will happen if you use bleach on the UPVC window? 

One of the significant drawbacks of a UPVC coated window panel is that it gets yellow and brownish consistency. It usually happens when the material is old or cheaper. To remove this stain, some people use bleach because of its whitening property but damages the window. 

Why is it so? Bleach, a chemical, reacts with another chemical (UPVC) and causes an irreversible reaction. Due to this cross-reaction, the window frames develop a brownish colour making them dull.  

How to clean the UPVC window like brand new and brightening white?  

By now, you know that UPVC windows are easy to clean with nominal household essentials only. There are different ways to remove the troublesome stains. Now we will explain how you can transform the brownish stains into a bright white frame. 

Follow these steps to know-how- 

  1. Whiten the UPVC window frame with this magic trick- 
  1. Boil the water. Take a bowl, add one spoon of vinegar, add four cups of this boiled water, and mix them well. 
  2. Take a standard empty spray bottle and pour this mixture into the bottle.  
  3. Leave it for 10 minutes before preparing to use 
  4. Spray it on the UPVC window and gently cleanse it with a soft, dry cloth. You can also use regular soft wipes for cleaning purposes. 

If the stain, dirt, or grime persists, use a UPVC cleaner available in the market. You can also add lemon for a sparkling white finish. Adopting this method will give you excellent results in just a few wipes. 

2. Commercially available substances or chemicals used to bring UPVC up like new 

  1. Using materials like elbow grease works well with UPVC windows and provides an excellent finishing touch while cleaning 
  2. you can easily purchase Water-based UPVC cleaner from Eurocell or other manufacturing firms. 
  3. Using chemicals for cleaning UPVC windows- 

Apart from commercial substances, you can also use commercially available chemicals like viro-sol. It is used as a spray for cleaning the UPVC windows and as a disinfectant.  

How to use Virosol for cleaning UPVC windows? 

Virosol is a chemical component used extensively for various purposes, and transforming the PVC window into brand new is one of them. The following steps will help you give a unique and brighter touch to the windows and frames- 

  1. Take a magic sponge and wet it 
  2. Take a few drops of Virosol with a mild mix of water 
  3. Now start rubbing the magic sponge smeared with Virosol solution on the window panes and frames 

This process will whiten the UPVC window frames and give a shiny appearance to the windows. 

Best practises to clean the UPVC windows 

UPVC is widely used in household and commercial buildings for various reasons like security, insulation, and low maintenance. It doesn’t require any extra fuss to clean all kinds of dirt and debris from the frame, which is why it is the best choice for windows across the world.   This detailed guide is enough to help you clean the UPVC windows for adding a tinge of shimmering appearance to your house.

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